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of American healthcare.

Saffron Labs is an innovation business unit within NewWave Holdings dedicated to imagining and building the technical ecosystem for the delivery of person-centered care informed by the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

We connect doctors, patients and community-based organizations to deliver value-based, person-centered care beyond the clinic. Here are our Products:


The DiverCity Platform

for FHIR-enabled Exchange
The Saffron Labs platform that makes FHIR- and standards-based interoperability happen.


Saffron-Pulse Application

(Doctor) –
The Saffron App that enables patient assessment and subsequent close loop referrals to community-based organizations.

SAFFRON Clarity App

Saffron-Clarity Application

(Patient) –
The Saffron App that enables Patients to self-report in response to surveys, Questionnaires REL+SOGI, etc.

SAFFRON Magnet App

Saffron-Magnet Application

(CBO) – The Saffron App that enables CBO users to accept and manage Incoming Referrals.



Extendibility to support Third-Party Applications interactions in an interoperable way.


There isn’t an open, standards-based platform that enables secure sharing of SDOH data in US today.

• Social determinants of health (SDOH) have significant impact on health outcomes for all, with a disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations.
• Understanding and addressing SDOH downstream and upstream can improve health of both individuals and communities.
• A secure exchange platform that enables interoperability across sectors and stakeholders of all types (Public and Private) is needed to address these persistent inefficiencies rob the nation of better outcomes.

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SAFFRON Labs FHIR Enabled Exchange


FHIR Enabled Exchange

This Saffron platform provides a standards-based, modular solution to capture, refer and track SDOH.

The Gravity Project

The Gravity Project is a public collaborative that develops consensus-based data standards to improve how we use and share information on social determinants of health (SDOH).

Saffron Labs is a proud supporter of the Gravity Project. We encourage all stakeholders to get involved by participating in the continuation of the Project’s vision of “a world where health and social care organizations readily share the information needed to effectively meet the social needs of individuals and advance health equity and improve health outcomes in communities by using standard terminology and technology.